Through the Portal into the Realm of Blogging…

So, I have finally taken the plunge and thrown myself into the world of blogging at the tender age of 48. Why on earth did I decide to do that? Well, I could blag my way through it and firmly stipulate that I was embracing technology in a proactive way and becoming part of  the future cyborg generation. Yet, sadly I have to inform you,  I was in fact required to devise a blog as part of my University degree…..

Have I cheated the world of technology and am I therefore a fake? I firmly believe that I am not. For what began as an educational and grading requirement, quickly turned into a new-found pastime. You would be correct in thinking, that I haven’t written anything for a long time and you would be right, yet, I as much as every student in the Universe, has oodles of work to do in my final year. Chuck a couple of teenagers, three long term health conditions and a wheelchair into the equation and you can imagine that time and energy are factors that are firmly not on my side.

But, back to the blogging. What have I taken from this introduction into a new and previously uncharted area of the World Wide web?


I have discovered that I am free to write anything I want, aimed at whomever I want, when I want to write it. I can write about: politics, Greece, totalitarianism, conspiracy theories, love, the hell of living with M.E, relationship problems, poetry, creative writing, faith,my experience of being a mature student, how everyone always told me I was stupid……the list is endless. And there you have it, I have found a new platform from which I am able to shout from and reach everyone who has the ability to access the internet. I can express and vent, all feelings, beliefs and opinions that I am capable of, to whomever wishes to listen.

Above all else, I have expelled my belief that the internet is a dystopian evil concoction, placed on the earth to numb our brains and destroy our future. It can be a valuable communicative and expressive tool, in which media convergence is visible in all its glory. It can support the isolated, befriend the lonely and encourage diversity and happiness on an international scale. My first steps into the world of the blog, has re-introduced and  encouraged my life-long passion for writing, so it looks like the book I was always going to write, just may not be written on paper after all !


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